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Words from Kudu Cosmetics


There are approximately 12 000 chemicals used in the cosmetic industry, some of these ingredients are linked to serious health issues. Consumers are often in the dark when it comes to exposure of toxic chemicals.

The European Union has banned nearly 1400 ingredients for being unsafe. It is Kudu’s ethos to be clear and transparent when it comes to the ingredients we use in our products. We are aligned with the EU regulations, adopted to improve the protection of human health and environment that can be posed by chemicals.

Natural doesn’t automatically mean safe. Many organic and natural labelled ingredients can cause considerable skin damage.

We don’t use potentially irritating essential oils in our facial products that are photo-toxic and may cause inflammation on the skin, collagen breakdown, free radical damage or hyperpigmentation. Even if no negative effects are experienced during use, long term use of these oils may be harmful to your skin.


We focus strongly on social responsibility. Whenever possible we source locally and support local small businesses. Where possible we like to support small African businesses that cultivate and harvest organically in a sustainable manner. Our Moringa oil is produced from seeds grown by smallholders in rural parts of Malawi who manage and harvest crops from donated Moringa trees.


Wherever possible, our stationery and packaging are produced from recycled materials. All our marketing materials, boxes and bottles can be recycled and/or re-used.

Our products come in carefully selected packaging materials designed to protect the formulations within. Our amber apothecary-style dropper bottles are made from glass to ensure that the photosensitive, antioxidant-rich, highly active botanical ingredients are protected from air and UV-light. This ensures long-term effectiveness and stability of the product.


Our products are 100% cruelty free. We do not and will never carry out animal testing and we do not source ingredients from any companies that test on animals.

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