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bush princess

Hjem  /  bush princess

Combining the refinement and flair of European fashion with the fabulous colours of African plains, Charlotte brings you the best of both worlds. Take a walk on the wild side…but do it in style!

Charlotte was born in Sweden and spent her life moving between European countries, from Italy, to France, to England.

Her mother was in the fashion industry and had a successful boutique in Gothenburg, Sweden. From a very young age, Charlotte was greatly influenced and inspired by Europe’s fashion and style. As a small girl, she collected handbags – something that would become a trademark for her life.

Her professional career has always been in the fashion industry. After school she began modeling in Paris, where she later met her husband and became the Artistic Director for his handbag brand, Terre de Bruyere, until she made the bold move to Africa to start her own fashion venture.

Charlotte now lives in Kenya with her husband, her youngest son and her five dogs (and one cat), managing her handbag label, bush princess. She still loves to travel and is always looking for new inspiration for her business, from the bright colours of India, to the different cultures of Africa, to the sophisticated streets of New York.

And when she is not in her studio designing new signature pieces, she loves to horse ride through the Ngong Forest and on the Laikipia plains.

socially responsible fashion

As an ethical fashion brand, bush princess is committed to supporting local communities and to sourcing sustainable products throughout our design and production process.

bush princess features the creativity and craftsmanship of Kenyan artisans in many aspects of its design, supporting different education initiatives in doing so.

brass work

Most of the brass items used on our bags are made by artisans from the Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi and are made from recycled metal.


Our beautiful African beadwork is produced by a group of Maasai women, who integrate their traditional art, which has been handed down through generations, into our products.


All of the leather used for production comes from Kenya. The hides come from a variety of Kenyan tribes, who graze their animals in the vast African plains and produce leather of the highest quality. Each hide carries it’s own unique pattern and markings, making each piece exclusive.